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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
7:49 pm
You scored as Violent. You are violent. To you there is nothing better than a good spank. You like scratching and biting 'cause that's what people are for.


















What is your sexual style?
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Heh, actually kind of a tie between the top three...all coincidentally 69% ;p
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
9:08 pm
Smart Paladin
62% Combativeness, 40% Sneakiness, 94% Intellect, 58% Spirituality
Valorous! Noble! Or possibly just a self-righteous jerk (but with the brains to keep you alive!)... You are a Smart Paladin!
Paladins are holy warriors. They are valorous defenders of the light. Unfortunately, most of them are so ardent in their defense they tend to meet sticky ends faster than you can say "rampaging red dragon." Many people look up to Paladins, while others just consider them stuck up, overbearing, or self-righteous.
Fortunately for you, unlike most Paladins, you're pretty smart. Which means that you're more likely to fall into the "admired" category, rather than the "obnoxious" or "dead" categories.
Much like the crusades, you manage to combine violence and religion, though unlike the crusades, you add a healthy does of intelligence. You may be a staunch defender of the faith, a valorous champion of the weak, or the stuff that jihads are made of. Which ever one you are, just be happy that you’ve got the smarts to back it up and make it work.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 56% on Combativeness

You scored higher than 70% on Sneakiness

You scored higher than 90% on Intellect

You scored higher than 68% on Spirituality
Monday, September 12th, 2005
11:57 pm
And so we start anew.....
Well, it was bound to happen. I've had enough.....

I've put in my notice that the 30th will be my last day at the bookstore. I was gonna quit today after the crap that went down at work, but my damnable sense of honor and duty just wont let me leave my department in a lurch. So I told my Store Manager I would remain long enough to ensure proper training and acclimation of my replacement. It sucks, because I love the job itself, but when the work conditions there are bordering on atrocious and management frankly won't let me do my job, it's time to move on. We lead the Company nationwide in institutional sales, indeed we carried our district for calculating SPH, but we can't get what we need to keep up with the demand, including people, man-hours or equipment. I know managing is a tough job, I've done it myself. And sales are extremely important...it pays the bills afterall :) But when my regional manager comes thru and wrinkles up her nose in disgust at the department because my Returns (outgoing back to publisher/distributer) Wall is overflowing...which by the way is because my department has been understaffed plus anytime we get close to getting caught up management just dumps something else on us.... it hurts. No matter that all the added work we have been doing is gonna guarantee both the regional and the store managers a hefty bonus this year. All I want to do is do my work and do it to the best of my ability. But then again, why should they bother trying to fix things? Especially when they know I'll put in the extra effort to somehow keep the place staggering along? But it's burning me out.

Oh the managers today were suddenly all like "What can we do to improve things?" and "If there is a problem we need to know" and I just about laughed at them. I pointed out that I have doing exactly that and for the last year have been largely ignored until now when I am in a full-frothing Rage. Now they want to 'listen'.

Too little...too late.

I don't know what I am gonna do now though... I am torn between laughing with relief and just crying. Should I go north again? Stay here? Do I really fit in anywhere? Should I even bother?

I don't know... but I have a little time to think about this....
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
7:20 pm
You scored as Zoroastrian Pagan. The Zoroastrian Pagan is a rare breed who follows the teachings of Zoroaster, the religious reformer. He believed that there were no gods, and it was naive to put faith in them and give them names. What one should focus on is merely serving one side of the cosmic duality; work on good or light deeds, and the world would become more good or light. Pagans of this variety are rare, but often feel like they get more done without the hassle and clutter of pantheons and gods. They're smart, analytical, and occationally cynical.


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Monday, August 15th, 2005
12:33 am
Well, another year rolls by
Wow...survived another solar cycle :P

Go me ;)
Thursday, August 4th, 2005
12:58 am
When I saw Serenty_awoke had the old "What kind of D&D class are you" quiz, I thought this little gem from Dragon Magazine would tie in nicely.

Take this exam, and join adventuring horde!

Times are hard, and adventures promising wealth and fame are few and
far between. How can you make sure that you are right for the
adventurer's life?

How? It's easy! Here at the Greyhawk Institute for Adventurous
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Superior Personality Under Development course. That's right!
Personality is the key to conquest! It's the real reason one fighter
is chosen of the other when adventuring groups are formed. Are you too
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compliment? Do rabid orcish marauders think of you as too aggressive?
No problem!

At the Greyhawk Institute for Adventurous Neophyte Training, we'll put
you through an intense program of classroom instruction and on-
the-job training. Also, at no extra cost, you will receive our
Superior Personality Under Development study guide. Just take a few
minutes and fill out the following application. You can't afford to
pass this opportunity by!


1. You've just arrived in a new town. You immediately:
1. sigh in relief.
2. find the nearest tavern.
3. strip down to your underwear.
4. do all of the above, to start with.

2. Wizards are:
1. snappy dressers.
2. valuable allies.
3. awful darn smart.
4. cute on the end of a spear.

3. What's the best way to test for trapdoors?
1. with eyes shut.
2. make the half-ogre go first.
3. Jump up and down a lot.
4. Burn the place to the ground.

4. It's late at night, the moon is full, and you notice that your
partner is turning hairy. What do you do?
1. Compliment him on his coiffure.
2. Whip out the scissors and wolfsbane
3. Check your pack for doggie chow.
4. Join him.

5. A portable hole:
1. a day keeps the ogre away.
2. comes in handy in the king's treasury.
3. What?
4. holds a lot of beer.

6. Given the choice, you'd rather have:
1. lint-free chain mail.
2. 1,000,000 gold pieces.
3. a chocolate chip cookie.
4. a sword and a major land war.

7. Describe a hill giant.
1. A large, smelly Muppet.
2. Big, hairy, ugly, and strong.
3. Your last blind date.
4. All of the above.

8. You are in a cave when your torch goes out. You:
1. scream.
2. cannot see.
3. hit your head.
4. throw the torch away and continue on ahead.

9. Your deity tells you to walk on hot coals. You promptly:
1. practice shouting, "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"
2. get a new deity.
3. invite your friends to a cook-out.
4. attack him.

10. You find out that the ship you are on is manned by vicious, savage
buccaneers. You:
1. double-check the travel brochure.
2. swim for shore.
3. taunt them.
4. join them.

11. What makes your mouth water?
1. Vichyssoise.
2. A leg of mutton and a jug of mead.
3. A burger and fries.
4. A dead brontosaurus.

12. What is a bard?
1. a sophisticated, wandering musician.
2. My DM doesn't allow them.
3. A piece of lumber.
4. The hair on your face.

13. What scares you the most?
1. Gross, icky, crawly things.
2. A tribe of bloodthirsty primitives on your doorstep.
3. An umber hulk in leotards.
4. Mom.

14. Which would you take as your share of the loot?
1. Gems and jewelry.
2. A treasure map.
3. A wooden nickel.
4. The loot.

15. Someone in your party is a thief. It is probably:
1. that mysterious, cloaked stranger.
2. the dwarf with his hand in your pocket.
3. your horse.
4. all of the above.

16. You are trapped by a cave-in. You immediately:
1. scream again.
2. try to dig your way out.
3. choose the best position to be found in.
4. kill the fool who knocked over the support beam.

17. Your favorite choice for a pet would be:
1. a gerbil.
2. a war dog.
3. a dung beetle.
4. a mammoth.

18. How can you detect for evil alignment among your henchmen?
1. Look for bad penmanship.
2. Cast a spell.
3. Flip a coin.
4. Use torture.

19. What is the first thing you should say when you spot a bugbear?
1. "So, how does my leg taste?"
2. "Don't come any closer! I've got a sword!"
3. "Nice ears."
4. "Yo! Ugly! Let's party!"

20. If there's anything you hate, it's:
1. mismatched armor.
2. being drawn and quartered.
3. the letter "c".
4. not got long to live.

21. Witches:
1. make great gingerbread.
2. aren't allowed in my DM's campaign either.
3. Where?
4. don't wear underwear.

22. There's nothing more exciting than:
1. the full moon at midnight.
2. the thrill of victory.
3. answering this question.
4. hand-to-hand combat with a thousand cannibals.

23. What heals all wounds?
1. Thyme.
2. Time.
3. Tyme.
4. A week in a harem.

24. Select a title for your self.
1. Gerard the Thoughtful.
2. Lars the Mighty.
3. Fred.
4. The Terror of Morovia.

25. Keep an eye on your fellow traveler. He might be:
1. a barbarian.
2. a thief.
3. a Democrat.
4. Demogorgon.

26. A princess is trapped in a dragon's cave. You should:
1. ask someone to help out.
2. rescue the princess.
3. rescue the dragon.
4. rob them both.

27. What's the most important thing about making camp?
1. Keep the marshmallows in a clean, dry place.
2. Keep the fire low and post guards.
3. Have appropriate party games.
4. Have the others do all the work.

28. The best kind of partner is one with:
1. a warm personality.
2. a good sword arm.
3. a game of checkers.
4. a keg of ale.

29. If you had to choose one of four doors before you, which would it
1. The door out.
2. The treasure-room door.
3. That one.
4. The booby-trapped door.

30. In matters of life and death, you should:
1. choose life.
2. avoid death.
3. dress warmly.
4. loot and kill and pillage and burn.

31. If you find the thief who stole your horse, money bag, and
provisions, you should:
1. count from 1 to 10 before speaking.
2. demand your belongings back, or else.
3. give him the rest of your things.
4. turn him into lasagna.

32. Before you'd ever abandon your friends, you'd rather:
1. kiss a goat.
2. slap a sunburned frost giant on the back.
3. get permission first.
4. get all of their money first.

33. "Halt!" means"
1. "Surrender!"
2. "Stop!"
3. "Hello!"
4. "Attack!"

34. If asked what is your price for a dirty adventuring job, what do
you say?
1. "Lunch at the Bulette Cafe."
2. "The going rate."
3. "I'll pay anything!"
4. "How much have you got? Your family, then - how much have
they got? Mmm. Got any sisters?"

35. You find yourself alone and unarmed in a cave with 100 hungry,
carnivorous apes. What is your next move?
1. Hide.
2. Hide.
3. Hide.
4. Fight.

36. You must never forget:
1. to clean up afterward.
2. your spells.
3. the... the, uh... uh....
4. to check for treasure.

37. The best way to handle a poisonous spider is:
1. from afar.
2. with a glove.
3. by blackmail.
4. with a hammer of thunderbolts.

38. And ogre invites you to dinner. You should:
1. check his references.
2. decline.
3. accept.
4. show up wearing your best ogreslayer.

39. You find a dwarf chained in a cell. He says that he'll lead you to
lots of treasure if you release him. You should:
1. think about it.
2. insist that he reveal the whereabouts of the treasure first.
3. attack.
4. release him.

40. There's a disguised dragon in the room. It must be:
1. the terrier in love with your leg.
2. the cow breathing fire.
3. disguised.
4. ready to die.

41. Your castle has been overrun by hobgoblins. You've been fighting
and running from them all day, and have finally managed to hide
from them. Then, your henchman knocks over a vase. You then:
1. soil your pants.
2. grit your teeth and ready your weapon.
3. fix the vase.
4. throw the henchman out into the hall.

42. You are trapped in a 10' x 10' room and the walls are closing in.
What do you do?
1. Yell for help.
2. Use a dagger to jam the wall.
3. Leave.
4. Wait for the hangover to pass.

43. What's the best way to catch a golem?
1. Set out a saucer of milk.
2. Dig a humongously deep pit.
3. Is that a disease?
4. Wrestle him down and hog-tie him.

44. What's a good sign that you've had too much to drink?
1. The room is spinning.
2. A wench is leaving the room with your money and your clothes,
and you are smiling.
3. You're out of milk.
4. Your boots are covered with your dinner.

45. What's a druid good for?
1. Flower arrangements.
2. Nature spells.
3. Beats me.
4. Calling small forest creatures for target practice.

46. If you were told that a treasure lay in a hole in the wall, would
you stick your hand inside?
1. No.
2. Maybe.
3. Inside what?
4. Yes.

47. How strong are you?
1. Not very.
2. Above average.
3. Not very; just had a bath.
4. Damn strong.

48. Do you think there should be rights for orcs.
1. Yes.
2. No.
3. Maybe.
4. Sure: rights, lefts, right crosses, left jabs, right
uppercuts, etc.

49. Describe a daring deed.
1. Inviting a goblin to a Tupperware party.
2. Facing a tribal chieftain in single combat.
3. Housebreaking a hell hound.
4. Leaping off a burning battlement into a crocodile- infested
moat in front of an army of orcish archers.

50. What is the best thing you can say about skeletons?
1. They make great tap dancers.
2. They don't have many hit points.
3. They don't eat much.
4. Some of my best friends are skeletons - now.


"In just seven days, I can make a man out of you, unless of course
you're a woman, which might make this all rather problematic."
-- Rogar of Mooria, GIANT faculty member.


Evaluation: If you answered 30 or more questions with the same letter,
then it is likely that you fall into a particular category of
adventuring types. These are listed below:

Type A:
You're perhaps a little too civilized for most adventuring
groups, but not beyond hope. You are certainly in need of
personality development before being considered ready for any
serious undertakings. Practice going without bathing for short
periods of time, grimacing in the mirror, and not fainting at
the sight of blood.

Type B:
You're probably referred to as, "dependable," "practical," "an
OK guy," etc. There's not much wrong with you, and you should
do well in the adventuring life. We recommend that you take our
accelerated S.P.U.D. program.

Type C:
My, my. We are having a rough day, aren't we? This exam was
probably tiring, but take a few minutes to rest and relax. When
you're feeling better, take out all of your money and mail it
to us, right away. That's right, every copper piece. Good,
good. We're proud of you.

Type D:
Well, it appears that you have probably done more than your
share of adventuring, and there's not much more we can add to
your training. In fact, if you have some free time, we'd like
you to join our teaching staff. Sure, others may call you a
bloodthirsty maniac, but hey, who cares? We'll give you a
portable hole filled with beer and a major land war. Where can
you beat that? You're darn right!


Remember! Time is limited! Join the ranks of the G.I.A.N.T. graduates,
and stand tall! Get out your crystal ball and call today for your
first class! Sorcerers are standing by.

(By Lawrence R. Raimonda, Dragon Magazine, December 87)

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
10:09 pm
Pretty good today.... busy as heck, but venting yesterday, albeit online felt pretty good. Getting more details for the upcoming ISO, but most of that is just dressing... ie .. new red tape on floor and all that. *chuckles* yes.. like the magic red tape will stop all the bad things :P LOL Well, it IS red duct tape so maybe it IS magic. ;)

The good news is that we might be getting a P.O.D. for storage of non-book stuff... like the hurricane plywood and other items that while useful to the store aren't used on a regular basis. That would open up some floorspace and maybe even let us put up another shelving bay or two. Word is that is has passed first round of approval at the regional level. Given the expenditure I imagine we have a few more hoops to jump through, but if we can get it there would be much rejoicing :)

Got home and walked the dogs... and am bumming around online.

So how about that planet Xena? A possible 10th planet out beyond Pluto. Of course they are still arguing about whether Pluto qualifies as a planet, so we might still be at 9, but I don't care... I say Pluto is a planet, so there...nyaaaah :P
Monday, August 1st, 2005
11:05 pm
Sometimes I think I just can't win....
Went into work today with a pretty good attitude, having had a week off to relax...

It didn't last.

We are getting certified for the new standards and practices pretty soon...so we have to be briefed on proper procedures (how to do what we do everyday...) and it seems that we just have enough to do, at least according to headquarters. See, we get shipments every weekday (nothing on sat or sun). There are basically 4 categories...Bookfloor, Cafe, Bargain and Gift. Pretty straightforward. When it comes in we scan the boxes so the computer can adjust inventory accordingly and we sort the boxes into basically four piles corresponding to the four categories. From there the Recieving crew opens and unpacks the Bookfloor boxes and sorts them out to the various carts for the morning shelvers to put on shelves. Cafe is responsible for their stuff as was the Bargain and Gift Floor Leads. I say was, because according to the new standards and practices, the Recieving crew will be expected to not only unpack and sort the Bookfloor boxes (which is the majority of any given shipment) but somehow we are supposed to also unpack and sort the Bargain and Gift boxes as well. We are already barely able to keep up with the Bookfloor load, given that our workhour planner only seems to justify a skeleton crew, despite the sheer volume we handle, plus the fairly large institutional sales we handle (we lead B&N nationwide in institutional sales....yay us. :s ) And speaking of Institutional sales, that also sucks up our workhours with special handling and such. We are barely keeping up with the incoming books, I can't even do returns (outgoing books back to publisher) to make room on the floor for incoming stock and they are dumping another task on us. The manager makes noises about making the leads do some returns, but I can count the number of times this YEAR this has happened on one hand, and even then it was only because the regional manager said something to him...
Now you might think, well maybe because they are adding more duties to us, they are gonna add some workhours so I can get another body. Oooooh no.. that would be sensible. PLUS we have no room for such additional sorting and holding sorted stock in the Receiving area, which in part was why the Bargain and Gift leads were given the tasks of sorting their boxes only when they were actually taking stuff out to the floor. I have no idea how we are gonna comply with this directive as it currently stands.... and frankly I wonder if I should even try.

And it keeps getting better...

I am really trying to keep a level head, but this crap is giving me heartburn :P

Current Mood: mad a heck
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
11:29 pm
Bleh.... so begins my week of vacation. Not like I am going anywhere, but I had to use it or lose it. Which is funny since this is the first time in ...oh....EVER I have actually used my vacation time. ;) Not sure what to do with it.... mostly putz around the house doing some minor stuff that I have fallen behind on.

Second day in a row I can not access my Hotmail.... keep getting various error pages. Google searching shows that other folk are having similiar probs, I guess one of their servers is botching or something. Annoying none the less, so if I dont respond to emails, don't be surprised as I am currently unable to even see them. :(

I wonder sometimes what I am supposed to be doing.... nothing like some free time to comtemplate my existance :P

Current Mood: weird
Sunday, July 10th, 2005
11:58 pm
Quiet day... nice to just nap ;p

About 3/4 of the way thru Atlas Shrugged. That is some food for thought.

Finished first DVD of Firefly... Is so good. Hard to say who my fav char is so far.

Current Mood: mellow
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
11:35 pm
Picked up Loose Alliances for Shadowrun, along with a few used Mekton gamebooks(ancient RPG by the fine folk who made Cyberpunk 2020--I got them for a steal since I am a regular buyer there) Kinda looking forward to seeing what 4th ed is gonna look like, although now with the Mekton books, I am sort of craving a Mecha/Shadowrun crossover though I dont know how well that would really work. Will ponder this. :)

Got a new BDSM novel in at work... 'Master/Slave' a flip over novel anthology with each half holding 30 short stories. Not sure if its National S&M month or something because we have gotten a slew of similiar books this last week. *chuckles*

Not much else of interest really, so guess will sign off here..

Move along now,

Nothing to see here ;)
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
11:20 pm
You ever wonder?
You ever wonder why department stores even bother using the darkened glass around their security cameras? You know the ones... the half-globe dark glass shells that cover their surveillance cameras.
I'm waiting in line to be checked out and being pretty bored I am looking at these things. Now I understand the concept of the dome, it's supposed to leave shoplifters guessing as to where exactly the cameras are looking, so as to discourage them. But as I am looking at one, I allow my eyes to refocus and darn if you can't see through it to the camera underneath. Now I realize just staring at security cameras is bound to draw attention one way or another, but maybe they should be using that two-way mirror stuff so the cameras can see out without folk being able to see in? I mean, if you are investing the money in a high priced security system and expect it to work, maybe they shouldn't scrimp on the glass.....

Just a thought.

Course, maybe I am just bitter that we can't have security cameras at work, because it "upsets the customers" if we were to install such.
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
11:34 pm
Well.... thought I would try to improve my mind. So I got some books on the game 'Go' and have been learning the game.

By learning I mean reading the books and going to play online at Yahoo Games and getting my butt whipped regularly ;p Not even a kiss or a movie first ... heh

I'm learning, slooooowly. It's definately different and kinda fun...
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
10:19 pm

Burning, blinding, bile-churning rage. It burns in my chest like a hot coal. My one true compass in the maelstorm of my life.

Enlightenment? I am not even sure I would recognize it if I came across it. Oh, it is well and good to read scriptures and comtemplate your navel, but half the time you can't even tell if you're even heading the right way. To seek it is to lose it as it slips away like the finest sands between your fingers.

Peace? What is peace? And peace for whom?

Order? This ties in with peace, for one defines the other. Order is the boundaries one has to set to establish the illusion of peace. But Order is an illusion as well...the nice stable job? Can be gone in an instant. THe house over your head? You could be sleeping on the pavement tomorrow. The definitions of your world are but the fragments of reality as defined by your consciousness that it has cobbled together to get you through the day.

Fear? Fear I know all too well. Fear unsensable, the panic pounding of the heart over minor events. Afraid of things beyond my control, yet also afraid of myself.

The Masters speak of the impermanence of all things, yet I ponder... If I found three Masters building a Mandala of sand and I stomped across it before it was complete, how many would be angered by this act? By their own definition the item was but an illusion and would have been destroyed in the end anyway. A true Master would accept this, the younger might still place value on their own working and here is the trap of ego. But is not ego also necessary? To exist simply to exist somehow still seems wrong to me. I realize Purpose is not essential to every action, but by the same note, do we not need direction?

I am stubborn, hide-bound and slow to change. My mind feels sluggish and I wonder if I am fit for this time.

My demon is rage and I am loathe to let it go, for if it were gone, what would be left of me? Pride to sits on my shoulder, for I take pride in my work and woe betide the ones who would interfere with that. I must let these go, but it is a hard thing to set aside the shackles, for there is familiarity and comfort in their weight.

I am afriad.
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
10:30 pm
Too many goodbyes
A dear friend of mine's mother just passed away. She had been battling cancer and undergoing treatment, so while not unexpected it still was a blow. I was fortunate to have met her many years ago when visiting my friend. She was a very nice lady and we can only hope that her passing was swift and merciful.

Meanwhile, I was informed that another friend of mine died as well back up in S.D. His was not totally unexpected, but for other reasons. He had a long history of alcohol and recreational drug use so it's quite possible it finally caught up with him. I haven't heard much yet as to the exact reasons yet, though there seems to be no evidence of foul play or anything.

I haven't even called home yet for my monthly check-in as usually the first thing my folks inform me of is all the current obituaries of folk I know.

I realize it is the cycle of life and death, but somedays it does wear just a bit heavily.

Current Mood: depressed
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
7:25 pm
Tired.... got Regional Manager coming thru on Monday and have been busting ass trying to get the department into some semblence of shape.
Sunday, October 17th, 2004
9:41 pm
As flowing waters disappear into the mist
We lose all track of their passage
Every heart is its own Buddha
Ease off; become immortal

Wake up: the world’s a mote of dust
Behold heaven’s round mirror
Turn loose: slip past shape and shadow
Sit side by side with nothing save Tao


must be interesting to be able to just let go like that
Monday, October 11th, 2004
9:56 pm
Well, that went well.... once I showed all my documentation to a surpervisor she was all to willing to fix things. ^_^

Didn't even have to flash my teeth, though I had been practicing just in case.

Busy day at work.... can't wait for XMAS to be over with ;P
Sunday, October 10th, 2004
1:08 pm
Yet another reason I dislike dentists
Back at the end of August I got some teeth worked on. That had been an ordeal because when I made the appointment I specifically asked if they took my insureance (MetLife), which they said they did. When I got there they said, Oh the Oral surgeon doesn't take MetLife after all... After a bit of finagling I got the general dentist, who did take MetLife, to do the work. Went very smoothly... 15 min work after sitting in the office oh say six hours.... I paid the part they said I owed and billed my insurance and thought that was done.

Silly me

Two weeks ago I got my claim form letter from MetLife explaining how payments were done. Pretty standard though I did note that my portion of the bill came to only $83 whereas I had been asked to pay $122 at the office. Figured this was an oversight/miscalculation that would be easily fixed at my next visit.

Friday I got a bill from the dentist.....for $427! MetLife has contracts for dental work and while the original bill was some $800 generally.. there is something called PDP fees which is what the Dentist gets to charge a MetLife holder, which is quite a bit less.... in this case the PDP fees dropped the price to $300 of which MetLife paid $216 and change.... making my part $83 which I had already paid and then some.
Now this new bill shows all the ORIGINAL fees (non-PDP) minus my co-pay and the $216 from insurance and claims I owe them the remainder. PLUS they now say this is 30 days overdue.

So not only did they scam me on my co-pay, but they are trying to pull a fast one by telling me I owe them money still. I called my MetLife and the rep said the dentist IS still a part of the program so should only be charging the PDP fees, so I am hoping this is just an clerical error. A co-worker whose mom works in the medical field said it probably is as this kind of thing happens alot and tons of people just pay without ever questioning it. I for one am gonna fight to get this corrected.

Friday, September 3rd, 2004
10:34 pm
Well here we go again...
Another day, another hurricane. ;)

Ah well.....could be worse.... could be in Chechnya, Texas or New Jersey I suppose. :P Kidding, kidding.

Not much to report ....figured I would post today in case we lose power over the weekend, but I think we should be fine.
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